Health Information about Physical Activity

What is Physical Activity

Bodily movements produced by skeletal muscles that need energy expenditure.

Why it’s Important?

  1. Improve our health
  2. Improve our quality of life
  3. Produce long term health benefits

Types of Physical Activity

  1. Aerobic activities – Make our heart and lung functioning properly.
  2. Muscle strengthening activities – For Eg: Pushups and lifting weights, make our muscles stronger.
  3. Bone strengthening activities: – For Eg: Jumping – Promotes bone growth and make our bone stronger.
  4. Balance & Strengthening activities – For Eg: Dancing and Yoga – Enhance Physical stability and flexibility.

Benefits of Physical Activity:

  1. It helps to increase individual’s confidence level, a feeling of independence.
  2. It helps to increase physical and mental strength such as more efficient metabolism and decrease depression anxiety and stress.
  3. It helps to increase lipoprotein level, so it improves over all cardio vascular health.
  4. It helps to reduce risk of cancers.

Other Information

Physical activity for school children


  • Different sports activity helps for school age children.
  • Being active also good health for school age children

Other Information

Physical activity for older people

  • “WALKING” is the main activity for older people
  • If older adults with poor in mobility( according to the who updated) recommended only to physical activity 2 – 3 days per week.
  • Muscle strengthening activities only for 2 or 3 dys per week

Promotion of regular amount of proper physical activity may be useful in improving our daily activities.

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