Frozen Shoulder



Is a condition characterised by stiffness and pain over the shoulder joint, also know as "Adhesive Capsulitis".

Stages of Frozen Shoulder:

1. Freezing Stage

  • Any movement of shoulder causes pain.
  • Range of motion starts to become limited [ROM]

2. Frozen Stage

  • Pain begins to diminish this stage
  • Shoulder becomes stiffer and using it becomes more difficult.

3. Thawing Stage

  • The ROM of shoulder begins to improve


  • Age above 40 Yrs
  • Gender : women are more affected [70%]
  • Recent Trauma
  • diabetics

Other Cases:

  • Strikers
  • hyper/hypo thyrodism
  • cardio vascular problem
  • Parkinson’s

Remedy for frozen shoulder

  • Pain relief modalities like IFT/UST/Wax]
  • Analgesics

Range of Motion Exercises

Cortico steroid [Sometimes] & medications injected into the joint capsule.

Less percentage of cases:

Arthroscopy – Loosen the joint capsule so that it can move easily.


Had an injury that makes it difficult to move the shoulder talk to your doctor about “EXCERCISES”. Can do to maintain the range of motion in shoulder joint. Especially orthopaedic doctors and physiotherapist can develop an exercise program to meet your specific needs.

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