Knee Pain


A pain occurs  in and around the knee joint.It affects people of all ages.

Caused by

1.Knee joint itself.

2.Some conditions affecting the soft tissues,ligaments,tendons and bursae,(ie-surrounded the knee joint)

Risk Factors for Knee Joint Pain

           1.Excess weight.

2.Over use /Repetitive motions

Eg- Jagging /long period of knee down)

Knee Joint Pain

May be

1.Ruputured ligament,

2.Medical conditions

(a) Arthritis-gout and infections

3.Chronic use/

(a)Osteo Arthrities

(b) Patellar syndromes,

(c) Tendinites

(d) Bursitees

Symptoms of Knee Joint Pain



3.Difficulty to extend the knee joint

4.Unable to bend the knee joint


6.Difficulty in walking

Diagnosis of Knee Joint Pain

1.Radiological tests: X-Ray(find out fractures and degenerative changes)

2.MRI: Evaluate –ligament tears,cartilage damage and muscle injuries.

3.Blood tests.

If suspected- Gout arthritis and other medical conditions.

4. Removal of it fluid: (Arthrocertesis)

The fluid is that sent to the lab for evaluation for infected knee.

5.Treatment for knee joint pain:

Varied as the conditions that can cause the pain


2.Physical theraphy :Strengthening the muscle and help to avoid further worsening of an injury.

3.Corticosteroids- Help arthritis and other inflammation

4.Lubricants-Can help with movement and pain.


It from arthroscopic knee surgery to total knee replacement. The surgeons can repair many injuries and remove small pieces of loose bones and cartilage.

Partial knee replacement: Part of the knee joint is replaced,shoter recovery than total knee replacement.

Total knee replacement: Knee is replaced with an artificial joint.

Prognosis of knee pain: Usually occurs short periods and resolve if knee joint pain be comes chronic,modern surgical techniques possible to relieve the pain and help to an active life style.

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