Its is an starting stage of over growth of a pre-existing bone. It usually form during an the active growth stage. For an example (an extra bone formed in ankle. )

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In a case of bone growth is capped with cartilage and its known as osteochondroma.

They are often result of trauma and in many case exostosis is asymptomatic.

1. It usually found while during an medical checkup.

2. It is the most common benign bone tumor.

Clinically presentation:

  • v Swellings.
  • v Non-tender.
  • v Its look like a firm.
  • v Immovable mass occur near end of the long bone.
  • v It may cause irritation.

Prevention Method:

  • Try to wear an comfortable shoes and the chapels.
  • Avoid tight shoes and the high heel chapels.
  • Try wear an shoe that with the help of insert alleviate pressure to heel.

Diagnosis Method and investigation of choice is:

X-ray shows : appearance of Exostosis is either in flat or lesion or peduculated.


  • ü Usually for this condition no treatment.
  • ü If the bone become problematic so required an surgery.
  • ü in which case malignancy is suspected (surgical resection is also indicated).
  • ü prognosis for a solitary exostosis is excellent
  • (< 5% recurrence following marginal excision).

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