Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries

Ulnar collateral ligament gets injured due to trauma or repeated actions or stress. Ulnar collateral ligament injury is very common in athletes mainly involved in tennis, badminton, javelin throwers, etc.. Fall on an out stretched hand can also lead to ulnar collateral ligament injury


–         Pain along the inner side of elbow

–         Associated swelling

–         Range of movements restricted

–         Patient often complaints that making a fist is painful


–         History and clinical examination

–         Valgus stress test

–         Crepitation

–         X- ray may show bone spurs, loose fragments, calcification

–         MRI diagnoses ligament rupture

–         Diagnostic arthroscopy


Non surgical treatment:

–         Rest

–         Ice application

–         Limb elevation

–         Analgesics and anti inflammatory


If conservative treatment fails, Arthroscopy and proceed.

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