Total Knee Replacement Surgery at saiorthocare.

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the weight- bearing surfaces of the knee joint with artificial parts to relieve pain and allow patients to be more active. The primary cause of Total Knee Replacement being severe Osteo Arthritis.

Patients who come to us in respect to Total Knee Replacement have various queries in their mind. Some of them being “Who needs a Total Knee Replacement”, “How is it done”, “Success rate”, “Risks involved”, “Duration of stay in hospital”, “Activities permitted after replacement”, etc.

As an Orthopedic Surgeon, all we work for is to get back the patients to their normal life and to do their normal activities as soon as possible and without much hassle. The very big step in this condition is for the patient to make decision to undergo surgery. In present day situation many Medical experts and orthopedic surgeons like me would agree that, there is no reason to live with chronic pain. When conservative means of management fails, we have to move towards more permanent and convenient means of management like surgery.

We at Sai Ortho Care Hospitals Pvt.Ltd had recently done a similar Total Knee Replacement Surgery to Mrs. Elizabeth Wondu, a patient from Sudan. She had undergone Total Knee Replacement surgery for one knee at United States. After our initial assessment and investigations, scheduled her surgery and it was successful.

Mrs. Wondu was extremely happy with the surgery and post-operative stay at our hospital and expressed her gratitude. She also shared that our Surgery and Post-operative care was far better than US standards. She was very happy about the cost and procedural approach too.

We hope that she will get back to her routine activities very soon.

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