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We at Saiorthocare Hospitals Pvt Ltd, always ensure that our patients need to get the best medical treatment.

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    Over 20 Years of Experience. We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results.

    Saiorthocare Hospitals Pvt Ltd, a premium place for exclusive Orthopaedic care is in the prime location of Venkatanarayana Road, T Nagar in the heart of Chennai City. The Orthopaedic Hospital has accessibility from Venkataranarayana Road, Anna salai & Burkit Road, Nandanam, CIT Nagar, T Nagar.

    Always striving for Excellence in Orthopaedic Care Services

    We are committed to provide best Ortho service to our patients with World class Trauma, Medical & Surgical Care by creating a home-like environment. SaiOrthoCare Hospital Pvt. Ltd has the best ambient atmosphere conducive for a Ortho Healthcare services and has a bed strength of 20.

    Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Chennai

    Highest patient satisfaction with surgical quality

    01.Emergency Services

    Any Orthopeadic Emergency 24/7 Help-line 95000 16172 for immediate support.

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    Our Qualified Doctor's Team is ably supported by Prof. Dr.C Subramanian & Dr.S.Srinivasan.

    To Book Prof.Dr.C.Subramanian for Consultation :
    Monday-Wednesday-Friday Morning 9:30AM till 11:30AM.

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    We're there for you 24/7 with full normal medical assistance & emergency services at Saiorthocare with specialized trauma-care in chennai.

    With over a decade of experience.

    we’ll ensure you always get the best Results.

    We at Saiorthocare Hospitals particularly pay attention to your safety and keeping you comfortable before, during and after your procedure. Our warm and caring environment helps you to recover fast

    +91 95 000 161 72

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