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Total Knee Replacement

Our Total Knee Replacement surgeons at our Saiorthocare Hospitals, Chennai are always provides proper attention and care in pre and post procedures.

Sai ortho care is an exclusive ORTHO HOSPITALS IN T NAGAR which is a JOINT REPLACEMENT INNOVATION CENTRE with a team of doctors specialized in joint replacement. total knee replacement surgery is the final solution for patients suffering from excruciating knee pain due to arthritis. We have performed many joint replacement surgery, total knee replacement in our sai orthocare Hospital, Chennai.

Total knee Replacement Surgery is the surface replacement of the diseased surfaces of the knee joint. The knee joint is made by the distal end of the femur (thigh bone), the proximal portion of the tibia (leg bone) and therefore the patella (knee cap). The joint cartilage is broken. Common conditions which lead to Knee Replacement Surgery are osteoarthritis (wear- and- tear of the joint), rheumatoid arthritis, post- traumatic arthritis etc. In total knee replacement the diseased surface of the joint is replaced by a metal element for the femur and a metal backed plastic for the tibia. The elements are mounted to the parent bone with bone cement.

Reasons for TKR:

1) Osteoarthritis
2) Rheumatoidarthritis
3) Gout
4) Knee injury

Goals of TKR:

1) Toreduce knee pain & swelling
2) To have early motion with passive from 0-90 degree
3) To have physically & mentally comfortable lifestyle

Over 90% of people who had TKR experience got relief of knee pain. The word Knee replacement is a misnomer. The knee is not replaced as such. The parts of the bones that rub together are resurfaced with metal implants & a plastic insert in between.

Period of stay in hospital

1) Patient typically is admitted a day before the operation for-
a) Pre-operative tests
b) Consultation from anaesthetist, a physician, a cardiologist

2) Post surgery, Patient is discharged in about 5 days.
They become independent in
a) Walking
b) Staircase climbing
c) Bathing and attending rest room

Provided by:

Dr.S.Srinivasan, Managing Director of Saiorthocare Hospitals Pvt Ltd

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