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Bone & Joint Health

Bones in our body play a vital role as they form the structural framework. so definitive care for bones become a necessity. we at Sai ortho care who are specialized BONE AND JOINT HOSPITALS IN CHENNAI care about the very basic necessity of our human body.

The Bone and Joint Hospital at saiorthocare ,t.nagar, chennai provides information about best practice care in orthopaedics. Bone and Joint Replacement Surgery at SaiOrthoCare Chennai, is one of most advance and innovative centre in Chennai with latest medical technology. We provide information and also assessing, & indentifying your health needs. Our Bone and Joint doctors/surgeons & staffs of the Saiorthocare hospitals, Chennai are always available at 24/7 to assist your needs and also provide valuable advice on your health.

More number of individuals currently suffers aches and pains throughout their bodies, notably associated with bones and joints. They even undergo surgery. Often, patients feel it is simply an easy outcome of aging -however honestly its not; many of us are now turning to natural ingredients and permit for higher management of bone, joints and tissue health in hopes of strengthening these areas for the longer term. The human body is a complicated assembly of bones, muscles, and joints. Chronic pain and stiffness can make even the most enjoyable activities unbearable. It's time to strengthen the body from the inside out through diet and nutrition rather than turning to Joint Replacement Surgery.

Bone & joint conditions are the most common cause of the severe long term pain & physical disability worldwide. Musculo-skeletal conditions include back pain, arthritis, Traumatic injuries, Osteoporosis & child hood disorders. Musculo-skeletal conditions can lead to significant disability plus diminished productivity & quality of life.

5 Tips to keep your bone and joint healthy:

  • Practice good posture & healthy habits, to avoid unnecessary stress to bones and joints.
  • Eat healthy nutritious food to supply needs of growing tissues.
  • Take caution to avoid injuries & trauma.
  • For ligament & joint sprains- RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Prevent & treat disease of bones and joints.

Vitamin D deficiency- What was unknown in India has become a very common disease due to non exposure to sunlight & junk food. Vitamin D deficiency presents as muscular pain, joint pain, lack of concentration without any bone and joint clinical findings.

Gout- was not previously reported among young ladies and gents. Gout is due to uric acid elevation. It is mainly due to bad food habits, Presents as heel pain, major joint pain & finger joint pain. Some age related changes, such as wrinkles & grey hair, are inevitable. It was once thought that changes to muscles, bones and joints were unavoidable too. However, researchers now suggest that many factors associated with ageing are due to inactivity, and that performing physical activity can help to reduce or reverse the risk of disability & chronic disease.

A number of nutrients play a role in establishing & maintaining healthy bones, in particular, calcium, Vit. D & Vit. K. An active lifestyle is also very important. Normal bone health depends on heredity, nutrition, lifestyle & liver and kidney functional activity.

Provided by:

Dr.S.Srinivasan, Managing Director of Saiorthocare Hospitals Pvt Ltd

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